It was very enjoyable to work with you and most of all, I'm grateful for your help when I was not in good shape during the Queens of Opera Festival. Your kindness and professional attitude have touched the bottom of my heart. Thank you again. I look forward to sharing many great moments with you in the future and meanwhile I wish you all the luck in the world.

Sumi Jo, opera singer

I have never before encounterd such high quality management in Russia. In fact, it's quite rare to find it anywhere in the world.

Vadim Repin, violinist

I very much appreciate ART-BRAND for the great job they do and the service they provide. Not many others could do the same. I can always be sure that before, after and during the recital everything will be arranged at the highest level. It feels extremely comforting and cozy, I love them!

Hibla Gerzmava, opera singer

All the concerts are produced and managed perfectly and professionally, let's say, to world-class standards so that every performance becomes a triumphant and successful event. It is very easy and agreeable to work with ART-BRAND. They have a remarkable, instinctive understanding of what an artist needs and can even see in advance what will be needed. And this provides confidence and tranquillity. In today's turbulent circumstances, it is nearly impossible to find a producer that can appraise a situation and then so quickly, easily and neatly take care of it. If ART-BRAND has organised the concert, you need not think about anything except playing the music.

Alexander Ghindin, pianist

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