Rem Urasin (piano). CHOPIN series in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory (2015-2017). Rem Urasin is one of the younger generation's most romantic pianists and has been referred to as "a messenger from Chopin". This CHOPIN concert series, which ranges from the first nocturnes to the last mazurka, is devoted solely to the compositions of the great Polish composer and pianist. These are not concerts in the usual sense because Chopin's music is augmented by materials that feature not only the composer's friends and family, but also his rivals. Essays have been written by the film scriptwriter Riorita Rubtsova, reflecting the great composer's life and destiny. Each concert presents piano music of a particular period in Chopin's life so that the parallels between his personal circumstances and his musical output are revealed. Alexei Barabanov reads excerpts from Chopin's diaries and letters between the music pieces. 

Peter Laul (piano). All of Beethoven’s Sonatas in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory (2016-2017). Series of seven concerts performed by St. Petersburg pianist Peter Laul is a true act of artistic courage demonstrated by the performer. All reasons to believe that this event will not only set a new milestone in the history of the Moscow musical scene, but will become one of the brightest concert events. Beethoven’s piano sonatas represent one of the most valuable parts of the heritage left to us by the genius composer. The extensive series of 32 sonatas covering the period of 1794 to 1822 is a genuine chronicle of the author's spiritual life. For over two centuries, Beethoven's sonatas have probably been the most desired concert pieces.

Opera Apriori International Festival (2014, 2015). Opera Apriori festival offers unique programs by leading stars of the classical music scene. The lineup of the debut festival includes Jonas Kaufmann, Sumi Jo, Julia Lezhneva, Stephanie d'Oustrac, Balint Szabo and Ildiko Komlosi, Bolshoi Theatre soloists and others. More information about the first festival held in 2014 can be found by switching on the OPERA APRIORI section of our website. Second round of the festival will be held in 2015 featuring Andreas Scholl, Anna Samuil, Ekaterina Semenchuk, Sergei Skorokhodov, Hasmik Papyan and others performing in three dedication concerts - to Bach and Tchaikovsky anniversaries and to the centennial of Armenian genoside.

From the prayer to the symphony. Kaddish-concert (2014). "From the prayer to the symphony" Kaddish-concert is a unique event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of setting free Odessa's Jewish ghetto from fascists and saving the survivors. For the first time in history musicians from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Israel gathered in Moscow to create the musical reflection on the philosophical tradition of Kaddish; to play various styles'n'times pieces composed on "meaning of life" subject. The works of Schubert, Bruch, Bloch, Desyatnikov, and Kurbatov, as well as traditional Jewish songs were performed by Misha Maisky (cello), Maxim Rysanov (viola/conductor), Lukas Geniusas (piano), Alexei Kurbatov (piano), Igor Fyodorov (clarinet), Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra, Intrada vocal ensamble, and Moscow Man Jewish Choir. Artem Wahrhaftig has lectured on Kaddish tradition in music. The memories of Joseph Kapler written in Odessa during the fascist occupation named "The paths of death. Ghetto prisoner's notes" has been presented at this evening with the documentary based on this notes, before the book had been edited.

Rise and Go! charity concerts in support of children with cerebral palsy (2013, 2014, 2015). Rise and Go! series of charity concerts bring together outstanding musicians and audiences willing to help children with special needs. The first concert, held in October 2013, featured "Russian Paganini" Vadim Repin, "Europe's best solo oboe" Alexei Ogrintchouk, celebrated pianist Nikolai Lugansky, Alexander Rudin's famous Moscow Chamber Orchestra "Musica Viva", the legendary Borodin Quartet. The project is organized in partnership with the "Addresses of Mercy" charity foundation. The second concert in the series is set for 3 October 2014 featuring a few renowned musicians, i.e. Ekaterina Semenchuk (mezzo-soprano), violinists Alena Baeva and Elena Revich, Igor Fedorov (clarinet), pianists Sergei Tarasov and Andrey Ghugnin, cellist Segei Suvorov and the Central Military Orchestra of Ministry of Defence conducted by Valery Khalilov. The concert is hosted by renowned movie and theatre actress Oksana Mysina.

The Music of Light International Festival (2013, 2014). Music of Light Festival is a conceptual offshoot of "The possibilities are limited - abilities are unlimited" annual concerts. Professional musicians with visual impairment /total blindness perform solo/chamber/symphony music and play/sing in duets and ensembles with renowned musicians and opera singers. Disability can be an insurmountable obstacle for a professional musician, and the festival aims to bring together outstanding artists regardless of their health condition. The 2013 installment of the festival saw collaborations between pianists Vadym Kholodenko, Van Cliburn competition winner, and Elena Kukharenko, Lukas Geniusas, Chopin Piano Competition laureate, and young pianist Danil Loginov, Sergei Suvorov (cello) and Alexei Panov (piano), Bolshoi Theatresoprano Daria Zykova and Natalya Chernyavskaya (mezzo-soprano), bariton Arsen Sogomonyan from Stanislavsky Music Theatre and Nafset Chenib (soprano) as well as Sergei Sanatorov (tenor). Also featured were Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra conducted by Marius Stravinsky, jazz pianist Yakov Okun and MosGorTrio, jazz legends SergeiManukyan and Vahagn Hayrapetyan. The festival is held in partnership with the "Addresses of Mercy" charity foundation and supported by ExxonMobil.

Bohemian Tune multigenre concert featuring Gerard Depardieu & Sergei Polunin (2013). Music, ballet, poetry declamation and video-art entwine in the Bohemian Tune multigenre concert. Art-Brand brought together an international cast of soloists for a unique experiment in Moscow, fuelled by mounting interest in mixing classical and multimedia art. Among those who participated in the concert were Sergei Polunin, principal dancer at the Stanislavsky Music Theatre, piano duet of Ludmila Berlinskaia and Arthur Ancelle (France), violinist Eva Bindere (Latvia), percussionist Max Pekarsky, cellist Alexander Rudin and others. The concert featured works by Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Francis Poulenc. The world famous movie star Gerard Depardieu debuted in Moscow as an actor at Bohemian Tune in October 2013.

German Chamber Music Festival during the Year of Germany in Russia (2012-2013). The German Chamber Music Festival, which marked the Year of Germany in Russia, presented to the Russian audience lesser-known works by German classics and unusual interpretations of public favourites by emerging talents of the Russian classical music scene. The lineup of the five concerts of the festival featured pianists Vadym Kholodenko, Pavel Nersessian, Lukas Geniusas, Alexei Kurbatov, violinists Alena Baeva and Ilya Gaisin, violists Maxim Rysanov and Misha Rudoy, cellists Evgeny Rumyantsev and Sergei Suvorov.

Evergreen Music tour to mark the 170th anniversary of the Sberbank of Russia (2011). Sberbank's anniversary educational program Evergreen Music was performed in October-November 2011 in 10 cities in the Leningrad Region - Tosno, Gatchina, Kirovsk, Kirishi, Vyborg, Luga, Tikhvin, Podporozhye, Vsevolozhsk and Kingisepp. The project gave thousands of people the unique opportunity to attend free classical music concerts and enjoy fine art - especially given that it was the first time that classical music was performed live in some of the cities. A new anthem to Sberbank, composed by outstanding pianist and composer Alexey Kurbatov (Moscow) and produced by Art-Brand, was presented at the end of the tour.

PR/copywriting/editorship for the Moscow Easter Festival and the Valery Gergiev Foundation (2008-2015). For five years Art-Brand was a partner of the Valery Gergiev Foundation in arranging the Easter Festival in Moscow and in the regions providing all the printed materials (booklets, playbills), web-site news & events reviews, translation, and copywriting (annual reports, reviews for sponsors, etc.). Apart from the Moscow Easter Festival we've edited the books & booklets dedicated to the variety of cultural events launched by "Valery Gergiev Charitable Foundation", i.e. Centennial of the great choreographic masterpiece "The Dying Swan", "To Mstislav Rostropovich" Music Festival and the White Nights Gala as well as Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra (altogether more than 10 issues).

National project for supporting classical music by MDM Bank (2008-2011). A series of concerts in Russian regions performed by renowned classical musicians. The project promotes the preservation of national and world classical music and makes outstanding performances available to the wide audience in the Russian regions. Participants in these concerts organized by Art-Brand as part of the MDM Bank's project "The World of Divine Melodies" are: Krzysztof Penderecki (composer & conductor); Vadim Repin (violin); Nikolai Lugansky (piano), Gidon Kremer (violin) and Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra; Denis Matsuev (piano); Hibla Gerzmava (soprano) and Evgeny Polikanin (baritone); Boris Berezovsky (piano); Alexander Ghindin (piano); the Borodin Quartet; Alexander Rudin (cellist & conductor) and the Musica Viva Orchestra; Sergei Suvorov (cello); and others. Cities covered by the project: Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Tyumen', Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Murmansk, and Tver.

Musicians for peace (2011). "Musicians for Peace" has been held at the Hall of Church Councils of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow on 1 November - the Day of People's Unity. This charitable concert featuring 13 pianists from the countries experiencing unrest and ethnical and religious conflicts has been managed by Art-Brand in a partnership with Lira Ltd. and Addresses of Mercy Charitable Foundation with the blessings of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. Murat Adygezalzade (Azerbaijan), Zlata Chochieva (South Osetia-Russia), Yaron Kohlberg (Israel), Cyprien Katsaris (France-Cyprus), Panagiotis Trochopulos (Greece), Ina Charuashvili (Georgia), Mikael Hayrapetyan (Armenia), Amira Fouad (Egypt), Milos Popovic (Serbia), AyseDeniz G?ekcin (Turkey), Bruno Vlahek (Croatia), Kazuki Nisimont (Japan), and the artistic director and ideologist of the project, Alexander Ghindin (Russia) played pieces by Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Khachaturyan, Beethoven, Gluck, Wagner, Elgar, Smetana and Verdi transported by Alexei Kurbatov to be played simultaneously on two, three or four grand pianos. The main purpose of this unique concert was to show that people of very different cultural and national background can work and coexist together in a perfect harmony.

Alexander Tokarev. Man-Orchestra (2008-2012). In 2008 Art-Brand, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum launched a joint project involving a solo exhibition of Alexander Tokarev's paintings, publication of an album, a round table for collectors, a master-class for art students, and the production of a video documentary. In 2008 the project was sponsored by Banque Societe General Vostok. Informational support was provided by the leading radio stations - "Ekho Moskvy" and "Radio Kultura" and such magazines as "Russkoye Iskusstvo", "Tretyakovskya Gallereya", "DI" and "Black square". In 2009 the project was presented in Copenhagen (Denmark) within the frames of "The sound of Art" International Art Festival and at Pierre Cardin's Summer Festival in Lacoste (Provence, France). In 2010 the project moved to Kolkata (India) to become a part of the exhibition "AVISKAR. East meets West" at The Birla Academy of Art & Culture. In 2011 - 2012 the project is expected to move on tour over Russian and international museums.

Co-management of the International Cello Festival "A gift to Knushevitsky", Saratov-Moscow (2011, 2013, 2015). This Festival was conceived in 2009 as a "musical gift" in appreciation for the great talent of the world-famous cellist, prof. Svyatoslav Knushvitsky (1907-1963) held in Saratov, his homeland. The participants of the 3rd Festival were Alexander Rudin, Natalia Gutman, Svyatoslav Moroz, Leonid Gorokhov (Germany), Stephan Popov (Bulgaria-UK), Alexander Ghindin, Sergei Suvorov, Alena Baeva, Armen Nazaryan (Armenia), Alexander Skulsky, and others. Musicians also gave charity concerts in some small towns of Saratov region - Volsk, Petrovsk and Balakovo.The 4th Festival has been held in February-March 2013 with a gala concert in Moscow at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in May. The festival featured such prominent musicians as Hibla Gerzmava (soprano), Alexander Rudin (cello/conductor) and Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra, Alena Baeva (violin), Vadym Kholodenko (piano), Sergei Suvorov, Evgeny Rumaynsev (cello), Ilya Gaisin (violin), Alexander Ghindin (piano), Evgeny Bushkov (conductor) and Saratov Philharmonic Orchestra.The 5th Festival will be held in April 2015 featuring Maria Vekilova (organ), Sergei Tarasov (piano), and Alexander Buzlov (cello).