The Duel Duet

Karen Shakhgaldyan (violin) & Maxim Novikov (viola)

Viola and Violin duet is one of the most exciting in the world musical ensembles. Classical music fans can delight two kinds of phonation of these two different instruments which in the meantime are very close by nature.

This program opens to the public names of the unfairly forgotten composers, some of which used to be very famous and powerful musicians in the past.

The program consists of the well-known masterpieces along with the unknown pieces yet to be called masterworks too. This program will be most exciting for all classical music admirers.

Karen Shakhgaldyan's fate was decided on, perhaps, even before his birth: it is rare that in a family of professional musicians their children become athletes or scholars. Nonetheless, in this particular case, these family traditions played an auxiliary role in the musician's coming into being, because Mother Nature generously awarded Karen with a great talent. According to critics' and the public's acknowledgement, Karen Shakhgaldyan is one of the most bright young representatives of Moscow's musical tradition.

Looking at the charming, modern Karen, one may not guess off hand what this person does for a living. Karen, in all of his life cannot remember even one day, in which music was not present.

Karen Shakhgaldyan began studying music at when he was five years old, at a music school in Briansk, and at this same age he began performing. Today he is a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory, the class of well-known Professor Victor Tretiakov. In 2003 Karen has finished the Graduate School of the Moscow State Conservatory on a class of a violin under the direction of the infamous Professor Maia Samuilovna Glezarova. Karen has already toured in many cities of Russia, has won first place in the international competition, and is a master among outstanding violinist of present day. Karen performed in the orchestra "Virtuosos of Moscow" under the direction of Vladimir Spivakov. Still ahead - grand plans, tours, performances, and victories.

In 1997, Karen Shakhgaldyan receives a grant from the Mstislav Rostropovich Fund and the D. Oistrach scholarship. In that same year Karen becomes a receiver of a grant from the Y.I.Iankelevich Fund. In 1999, Karen Shakhgaldyan a prizewinner of the international competition of Pablo Sarasate in Spain. In 2000 Karen finishes the Conservatory, the class of Professor Victor Tretiakov, and enters the Graduate School of the Moscow State Conservatory into the class of Professor M. Glezarova. All these years Karen performs in the Major and Minor Halls of the Moscow Conservatory and gives concerts throughout all of Russia and outside its borders.

"I cannot imagine myself without the violin, without music. I love the Russian public very much, the people who go to concerts of classical music no matter what. I am happy that I can achieve something, but after every concert, I always want to practice and perfect myself even more. After all, art does not know the limits of harmony and perfection, and for the performer there is always room for improvement. I am positive that centuries will pass, and we will still listen to Bach, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. This is, after all, eternity!

Maxim Novikov was born in Moscow in 1974. He started his first violin lessons at the age of 6. Later on, in 1989 he entered Viola class in the Musical College under Moscow State Conservatory. In 1993 year he entered Professor's Yuri Bashmet Viola class in The Moscow State Conservatory P.I.Tchaikovsky.

In his college years Maxim showed himself to be a brilliant talent, outstanding performer of classical and modern musical compositions. He performed many of the modern compositions of music for the premiere.

Nowadays, such famous composers as George Pelecis, Vache Sharafyan, Eduard Airapetyan, Pavel Karmanov - devoted their viola works to Maxim.

Maxim collaborates successfully with chamber ensembles. Lately he gave concerts together with Yevgeniya Lisicyna, Andy Miles, Eva Bindere, Ilya Hoffman, Peter Aidu, Tatiana Samouil, Jacob Katsnelson, Boris Andrianov, Elena Revich, Denis Shapovalov, Anna Mayilyan, Larisa Andreeva, Aram Talalyan, Kirill Petrenko, Zhang Guoyong, En Shao, Yan Yan, and many others. Also, it's important to mention his close creative cooperation with brightest Khachaturian Trio: Karen Shahgaldyan, Armine Grigoryan, and Karen Kocharyan.

As a soloist Maxim performed with Charlemagne Orchestra for Europe (Belgium), Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (China), symphony and chamber orchestras of different cities in Russia: Sochi, Smolensk, Omsk, and The Academy Symphony Orchestra KMV.

Together with Valentina Borisova, Maxim Novikov formed Duet Stanza, which won the first prize in the International V.Dulova festival-competition. In March 2012 Maxim organized the first Festival "Spring Music Academy" in Riga, Latvia. Maxim's CD "VI O LA" includes pieces by A.Khachaturyan, A.Rolla, P.Karmanov, V.Sharafyan and H.Ya.Yun.

Maxim Novikov plays his own excellent Enrico Ceruti viola.