Artyom Wahrhaftig

Artyom Wahrhaftig - the musicologist, a TV& radio journalist, professional musician and the brilliant conferencier.
He has graduated from the Academic musical school at the MoscowСonservatory as a cellist, then from The Gnesins Academy of Music, and post-graduated in 1998 from the Moscow Conservatory (performing art's history and theory department). For a long time he used to broadcast at the waves of "Ekho Moskvy". At present Artyom leads his own programs on "Mayak" and "Kultura" radio stations.
The winner of two TEFI awards (the most prestigious professional television award in Russia) in the "Best musical programme" nomination for his TV programs "Orchestra pit" (2003) and "Scores don't burn" (2004).
In his renowned author's cycle called "Scores don't burn" Artyom Wahrhaftig tells about the classical music in a very natural "human language" - from the "statues on the pedestals" Russian and European composers turn into the live people, their compositions become clear and interesting for the wide audience. Musical stories of Artyom always become a complement of any concert, drawing interest of both adults and children. There's something new to learn even for advanced music fans and professionals from his programs: the stories on musical curiosities and rarities, historical background of instruments, accounts on diverse interpretations of the same score by various musicians.
Artyom Wahrhaftig performs a number of projects broadcasting on "Kultura" Radio, i.e. "Strong impressions", "Disputable music" (Radiomania Award, 2005), "Charts with Artyom Wahrhaftig" (the review of events in the music world); "RGMC on the air" for the Orpheus Radio; and "Moscow stars" for the "Voice of Russia" broadcasting to foreign countries.
Artyom teaches at Gnesins Academy of Music where he lectures on Cello's art history since 1997 and Musical journalism since 2002.