The Mariinsky Theatre Grand Brass Ensemble

The Mariinsky Theatre's legendary brass players are renowned for the power, virtuosity and white-hot intensity of their playing.
The Mariinsky Grand Brass Ensemble was established in 2007. Today the Mariinsky Brass Ensemble comprises fourteen musicians who perform in the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Gergiev. The ensemble tours frequently, performing in Japan, Austria and
Moreover, the ensemble participates in three festivals and has initiated the Brass Evenings at the Mariinsky festival.
The ensemble's repertoire includes works both specially written for it (Alexei Pozin's brass suite Catalina and Oleg Oblov's At the Party piece musicale) and arrangements of well-known opuses by Mariinsky Theatre musicians including Аlexei Pozin, Vladislav Ivanov, Alexei Repnikov and Gleb Biryulin.

The Mariinsky Theatre Grand Brass Ensemble:
Timur Martynov (trumpet);
Sergei Kryuchkov (trumpet);
Vitaly Zaitsev (trumpet);
Stanislav Ilchenko (trumpet);
Stanislav Tses (French horn);
Vladislav Kuznetsov (French horn);
Alexander Ponomarev (trombone);
Andrei Smirnov (trombone);
Vladimir Polevin (bass trombone);
Alexander Dzhurri (euphonium);
Nikolai Slepnev (tuba);
Andrei Khotin (percussion);
Vladislav Ivanov (percussion);
Alexander Shalimov (percussion).

Conductor: Alexei Repnikov.

After graduating from the Specialised Secondary School of the St Petersburg Conservatoire in 1991 (trombone, class of Georgy Strautman) Alexei Repnikov continued his studies at the St Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire (trombone, class of senior lecturer Boris Vinogradov and Professor Viktor Sumerkin). In autumn 1991 he joined the Mariinsky Theatre as a Stage Band musician, entering the Symphony Orchestra in 1996 (trombones). Conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre Stage Band since 2007. Valery Gergiev invited him to conduct Donvena Pandoursky's versions of the ballets Le Sacre du printemps and The Magic Nut. Alexei Repnikov established the Grand Brass Ensemble.
He founded the Brass Evenings at the Mariinsky International Festival, first run at the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall in March 2008.