Alexey Kurbatov

Pianist and composer Alexey Kurbatov was born in 1983. He began to play piano and to compose music when he was only 5, and in 6 years has already written a ballet. In 1990 Alexey has entered the Central special music school (Moscow) in a piano class, and in 1994 the first author's concert of the 11-year-old composer in museum of musical culture of Glinka has taken place.

In 2000 Kurbatov entered the Moscow state conservatory where studied in a class of a special piano with senior J.R.Lisichenko, and subsequently with professor M.S.Voskresensky under the direction of whom he continued the training in postgraduate study. Alexey has graduated from the conservatory with the red diploma.

Alexey Kurbatov is known to public as the bright, original pianist. He is the winner of several international competitions; among them: YAMAHA World Competition (2002), V.Gorovits competition(2005), competition of pianists in Madrid (2006). The geography of its tours is extensive: more than 60 cities of Russia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Portugal, the USA, Croatia, Ukraine...

Alexey played with many orchestras, in the best halls of Russia and abroad. His records were published on CD and sounded on radio and TV in many countries.

Alexey actively took part in cultural programs of funds of V.Spivakov, M.Rostropovich, fund Russian performing art, etc., and also played in one concerts with such world famous musicians, as Vladimir Spivakov, Misha Mayskyi, Maxim Vengerov.

Along with composer and performing activity Alexey is engaged in teaching. Under its management passed master classes in Vyborg, on Sakhalin, in Taruse. In 2008 he has been invited to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk as the chairman of jury of the All-Russia competition of pianists.

In conservatoire years Kurbatov continues to combine concert activity with intensive composer work. In 2003 a premiere of the Ballad for a symphonic orchestra in Astana Alan Buribaev conducts; it is followed by performance of the Poem for a clarnet with an orchestra (Kharkov, 2004), a symphony "Lord of rings" (Mainingen, 2005), a symphonic poem "V.A.L.I.S" (Sweden, 2008), the Elegy for a piano with an orchestra (Makhachkala, 2009). Kurbatov's music more and more often sounds in concert halls, winning hearts of listeners and executors.

The range of the composer is wide: there is scale symphonic and chamber music, an opera and a vocal cycle, music to films and various transpositions. Differing individual originality of language, Kurbatov's products continue the best traditions of world symphonic and chamber music. At the same time its creativity is organically entered in a context of Russian culture.