MUSICA VIVA Moscow Chamber Orchestra

"I would be happy to come to Moscow again to conduct the Musica Viva orchestra. I consider this to be a brilliant group" Sir Roger Norrington "Musica Viva" excitedly unfolded the optimistic canvas of Handel's Ode, which glorifies Music and Musicians. Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Moscow Chamber Orchestra Musica Viva is one of the most popular and loved chamber orchestras of the Russian capital. The unique atmosphere of the orchestra's concerts is but one of many attractions for the audience. Without any fuss or fanfares and unnecessary pathos the musicians present refined and unconventional musical programmes, in which acknowledged masterpieces rub shoulders with musical rarities. The reserved charm of high-level professionalism and genuine enthusiasm of the members of the orchestra, the delicate taste in their choice of musical works and invited soloists have formed a unique artistic image of Musica Viva. "A kingdom of singing violins, transparent (easy to grasp) texture, irreproachable ensemble, ideal mutual understanding between the conductor and the musicians" - wrote an observer of "Novue isvestia", describing orchestra's style of performance. 
2008 saw the orchestra's 30th Anniversary, and for the past two decades Musica Viva has been directed by Alexander Rudin, professor of the Moscow Conservatoire and a world renowned musician. His musical versatility makes him stand out even among his most progressive peers. A gifted performer, Rudin works with striking intensity in very different musical spheres and combines roles of cellist, conductor and pianist, with those of researcher of early music and arranger of chamber orchestral works. In his work he rigidly follows pursuits and experiments within pure academic traditions. 
Musical critics have already developed the habit of defining the style of the orchestra with two collections of epithets: on the one hand – “exquisite”, “substantive”, “unusual” (about the premieres presented by the group), on the other hand "classic”, “filled with live emotion”, “standard-setting” (concerning the performance of masterpieces). It is worth adding to this the persistent quality which makes any performance of the orchestra truly valuable: faultless artistic taste and a feeling of measure which always allows Alexander Rudin to maintain a delicate balance between the thoughts of the author and the interpretation. Musica Viva is a universal orchestra; it has as its asset an enormous repertoire which encompasses music of all directions and styles. The group regularly presents little-known or completely unknown compositions of the classics to the public. Thus, it is Musica Viva which presented the first performance in Russia of many works of J. Ch. and F. E. Bach, A. Salieri, I. Pleyel, J. Dusseck, K. Dittersdorf, O. Koslovsky et al. This research work, connected with the search for and performance of rarities is not at all an “intellectual feast for the chosen”. Works which have been “opened” (played at concerts) by A. Rudin and his orchestra have already entered into the general concert repertoire and have become favorites of the public, which confirms their artistic value. At the same time, premieres are far from the only "specialty" of the orchestra. 
The habitues of the best concert halls of the capital are well-acquainted with the creative work of the group through named subscription series. The series “Masterpieces and Premieres”, the name of which speaks for itself, has taken place in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory since 1998. One of the signal events in the concert life of Moscow at the end of the last century was the performance of the renowned English conductor Christopher Hogwood with the orchestra as part of this series, and in November 2002 the only concert in our country of the recognized master of historical performance, Sir Roger Norrington (Great Britain) took place with great success. Both of these great conductors were in Russia for the first and only time, having accepted the invitation of A. Rudin. 
There is one more series of concerts which has already taken place for two seasons in the Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of Music. The Orchestra “Musica Viva" rendered great assistance in assuring that the new concert complex attained popularity among Muscovites. Music Viva organizes the unique series of chamber music “Musical Assemblies in the House of the Tretyakovs" jointly with the fund “Musical Assemblies”, the P. I. Tchaikovsky Home-Museum in the town of Klin and the Tretyakov State Gallery. Each concert in the Vrubel Hall of the Tretyakov Gallery is an amazing alloy of music, painting and poetry. For each "assembly" an exhibition from the collection of the Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin is specially prepared. Listeners receive the unique opportunity not only to enjoy the music, but also to re-create the overall picture of a certain epoch with the aid of original historical documents.
Since 2000, the Vrubel Hall of the State Tretyakov Gallery has been home to International Musical Festival of Chamber Music, closing out the musical season at the Tretyakov.The concerts at the Tretyakov are distinguished by a great degree of experimentalism and novelty, which the regular public particularly values.
The touring geography of the “Musica Viva” orchestra is unusually expansive. The group is an honored guest at the prestigious international musical festivals which take place in Russian cities, as well as in France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, etc. “Musica Viva” officially represents Russian musical art at the “Days of Russian Culture” in other countries (only in this season the orchestra appeared in Kazakhstan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Macedonia at the invitation of the Russian government).